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Finding the Edges of me in Space

I heard once that astronauts would explode in space without spacesuits.

…Out here, with just my laptop and a wifi connection and the vast white wilderness beyond my window, I wonder if that might be true.”

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Packing Ballast (on gaining weight, for good)

One of the things I really love about belonging to a book club (okay, I lie, I belong to two. Three over the summer…) is that I get introduced to books I would not otherwise have picked up. Most recently, I read Lansing’s book Endurance: Shackleton’s Amazing Voyage, a biography which tells

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When Your Kid Googles You (Take care. Someone’s listening.)

“I looked you up on google,” my daughter said a few weeks ago. I froze, arranging my face as nonchalantly as I could: “Oh really? What did you find?” “You’ve written a LOT of articles,” she observed, and paused a beat: “..and a LOOOTTT of articles about parenting.” She looked

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