Meal time prayer

Growing up, we called it “saying grace”. In my twenties, I started calling it “giving thanks”. Recently, I’m noticing that people here call it “blessing the food”. What these somewhat euphemistic terms refer to is the Christian practice of praying before one eats. And while preparing for the study on Philippians I’m teaching next month, …

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Of course, it’s already broken

Amidst the pages of adverts for kiddo gadgets and gizmos in my parenting magazines, I came across an article yesterday which was well-written and surprisingly thought-provoking. The author was discussing the chaos that comes with children (and their toys which come in many lose-able pieces), and confessing her OCD-must-clean-now tendencies. Her suggestion: maybe the answer …

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Thunderous applause

For the first time in months, there was lightning and thunder today. I clapped with excitement. I love the passionate power of thunder: it reminds me of being a little girl. My adult life has been spent in Mediterranean climates, which are wonderfully clement, but quite boring from a sky-drama point of view. I think …

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