Free Tools

The free tools and printables library is an exclusive page just for you. It’s a resource with phone lock screens, bible studies, frameable art and other tools to encourage you on your way. Scroll down to find the category you’d like, or simply click here to get immediate access to the downloads.

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Phone Lock Screens

I’ve always been a big fan of sticky notes to catch my eye and remind me of what’s important – but these days I change my phone lock screen to remind me to pause and keep perspective. There’s a small library of lock screens to choose from: sign up here and I’ll send you the link to take your pick.

Bible Study Tools

Dive into the bible with these Bible Study tools! Lord of the Psalms is a 7-part study is suitable for you to do alone or with a small group, and takes a deep look at how seven Psalms of Israel pointed forward to Jesus, and what they mean to us as we follow him. This download is a gift for you, so please don’t duplicate it in whole or in part for resale or profit without permission. Sign up below and I’ll send you the link to download it (PS: this is one my favorite studies I’ve ever written and taught. Enjoy!)


Framable art frequently makes its way onto my pinboard and fridge to make my space and my heart a little more lovely. Talented artist friends have turned my How to be Married post into two inspirational art work for you to enjoy. Sign up below and download Hanna Joines‘ gorgeous hand lettered art to frame!