Hello! I'm Bronwyn

I’m an author, speaker, mom of three hilarious kids, and wild fan of Jesus, my friends, and good quality ice-cream. South Africa will always be the home of my heart: it’s where I learned to love the sky and the sea and the richness of diverse cultural heritage. It’s also where I went to law school and seminary, and then met and married the kindest and most patient of men (because God knew that was what would be required being married to me!)

I call Northern California home, now, where most of my days are spent in very domestic ways: hustling kids to school and staying deeply invested in the life of our local church. My husband and I have very few hobbies in common (He likes sci-fi and backpacking, whereas I’m a fan of scrabble, netflix dramas, and air conditioning), but one thing we both love more than anything is to welcome people into our home and feed them. We want people to taste joy: in body and in spirit. Which is also what I want for you as you read along with me here.

I have a book coming out about exactly some of these things: relationships, friendships, and community among men and women in the family of God. It’s called Beyond Awkward Side Hugs and it’s available for preorder! Find out more here

I think of this corner of the internet as my virtual living room: in it, you’ll catch snatches of conversations as I think out loud, welcome others, and answer friends’ and readers’ questions… especially about faith, family, culture, and justice. This is also where you can sign up for my monthly-ish newsletter, where I share what I’m reading, things I love, and things I just find laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Finding Unexpected Joy

If you’d told me twenty years ago I would be a write-at-home mom in suburban America with a writing and teaching ministry, I would have got you a glass of tomato juice to help you sober up. But after several years in full-time ministry, when I found myself at home with newborns-who-wouldn’t-sleep and toddlers-who-wouldn’t-potty-train, I found myself doing ministry from home in my pajamas, through the then-new medium of a blog. I joined the Redbud Writers Guild and got typing. 

And yet here we are now: I’m writing a book (forthcoming from Thomas Nelson in 2020) about healthy relationships in the church. I head up an online ministry resource with everyday applied biblical wisdom for women called Propel Sophia with Christine Caine. I get to teach in all sorts of fun places. And I get to connect with so many wonderful people through this blog. God’s plans are so unexpected. I can almost hear the heavenly host shouting: “SURPRISE!”

But that’s enough about me. This website actually exists for you. Take a look around, and be blessed. 

Photo credit: Christa Norman (Christanormanphoto.com)

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