I have spoken at retreats, moms groups, Christmas events and conferences here and abroad, and I would love to speak at your event or gathering! I will gladly work with you to develop a topic that suits your community. Some of the topics I have spoken on before include:

  • Spiritual formation and encouragement
  • Apologetics-type talks about the reliability of the Scriptures, the evidence for the resurrection
  • Finding our identity in Christ (Daughters of the King: redeemed, justified, adopted)
  • Meeting Jesus in the Psalms
  • Christmas messages
  • Topical talks on healthy relationships
  • A series of talks on Colossians, 1 Timothy, Ecclesiastes, Prayer, and being a Woman of God.

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“As a pastor who perhaps more than anyone he knows believes that compelling, prepared, imaginative, and most of all substantive biblical preaching is critical for the spiritual vitality of God’s people (and alas, often in short supply), I regularly invite my friend and predecessor Bronwyn Lea to speak to College Life–the large college group that I lead on the campus of U.C. Davis. I do this solely because of the immeasurable value that Bronwyn imparts in every message. I have heard Bronwyn speak numerous times, both to college students and to post-college adults. Although it will sound like hyperbole, there has never been an occasion in which a Bronwyn message has not been wise, helpful, biblically-grounded, theologically-measured, Spirit-charged, cleverly-illustrated and yes, even funny! People simply love to listen to Bronwyn. This is so not just because of her lovely accent (South African), and not just because her words are always beautifully-crafted (what a friend of the English language she is!). Rather, people love to hear Bronwyn speak because her words have weight–the weight that results when prodigious intelligence grapples prayerfully and determinedly with God’s glorious truth. In an age in which too much preaching/teaching/conference speaking is personality and mood creation thinly disguised as depth, Bronwyn is the genuine article as a Christian thinker and a teacher, though as an orator she certainly doesn’t lack for style! In short, I couldn’t recommend Bronwyn Lea as a speaker (guest, camp, conference) with any greater enthusiasm.”  – Daniel Seitz, Pastor

“I have had the pleasure of listening to Bronwyn speak on numerous occasions. I have been a part of bible studies she has taught as well as conferences she has spoken at. I am always completely amazed with her gift of teaching. She is able to explain scripture as well as complex concepts in a manor that dissolves all confusion and lack of understanding. Bronwyn is able to intertwine humor, insight and stories that confirm she is in tune and very much engaged with her audience. It is always a pleasure and blessing to have the opportunity to be in her audience.” – Meg Harper, Director of Connecting Ministries

“Bronwyn Lea has been a regular speaker at our campus ministry for the last 10 years.  She brings a rare combination of theological depth and personal credibility and engaging speaking style that is as rare as it is helpful.  Her talks are engaging, challenging, and wise and graduated students often mention how her insights have served them well for years.  Bronwyn is a gifted and insightful teacher who understands the spiritual mandates and social responsibilities of those gifts.  I enthusiastically recommend her.” – Stanford Gibson, CA