Kaleidoscope (Helen Wieger)

Kaleidoscope There is this beautiful deep down          that is real             whole             beautiful     like the kaleidoscope you have broken parts           raw edges           needs             of stays,             stability Quaking, shifting, shaking     deep down       who are you       this shape emerging       new     yet always there by Helen Wieger Illustration by Corrie Haffly ****** Two years ago was my 20th high …

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One question to ask if you’re wondering “should I buy this?”

One of the big challenges for me as a believer, living in the world that I do, is trying to figure out how to manage the stuff we own. Words like stewardship, financial planning, wisdom, investment, generosity, living debt-free and justice are all bandied around within the Christian community when the topic of money is …

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The Buddy System

Scuba-diving school was intense. The instructors taught us how to manage our equipment, clear our masks, regulate our air flow and how to descend into the water slowly to give our bodies time to equalize under the pressure. We practiced in the pool, and after a few sessions we graduated to the ocean. Standing on …

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