What love looks like after decision-making

“Perhaps, in an ideal world, every big decision is come to by conversation and consensus, but in my world – that’s generally not how it happens. More often than not, we decide by compromise and concession, and the question is: how gracious are we after the fact with the decisions we were less than 100% gung ho about?”

I love you, friend, but I don’t want your essential oils (or leggings, or mascara…)

If you’ve been around church women for any length of time, chances are you’ve been invited to some kind of product party: a “no pressure, just-a-bunch-of-girls get together” with food and a presentation of jewelry, essential oils, makeup, leggings, cleaning products, accessories, nutritional supplements, skin care miracles, or (fill in the blank) on display. Or, …

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Sliding in socks

I have fond childhood memories of sock-sliding competitions. With feet clad in our slipperiest socks, we would launch ourselves at one end of the long, wooden passage way, and run furiously down the length of the passage. About two-thirds of the way came the tricky part: stopping running, throwing your balance slightly backwards, and skid-sliding …

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The birth buddy

This summer I had the extraordinary privilege of witnessing a baby being born for the first time. (Technically, I was present when my own children were born, but I’m not counting those because I was in The Zone. The Drug Zone first time, the Pain Zone second time, the Hypnobirthing Hippie Zone the third time …

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