Idiot Psalms (Scott Cairns)

Idiot Psalms 1           A psalm of Isaak, accompanied by Jew’s harp. O God Belovéd if obliquely so,                       dimly apprehended in the midst                       of this, the fraught obscuring fog                         of my insufficiently capacious ken,                         Ostensible Lover of our kind—while                       apparently aloof—allow                       that I might glimpse once more                       Your shadow in the land, avail                       for me, a …

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Kaleidoscope (Helen Wieger)

Kaleidoscope There is this beautiful deep down          that is real             whole             beautiful     like the kaleidoscope you have broken parts           raw edges           needs             of stays,             stability Quaking, shifting, shaking     deep down       who are you       this shape emerging       new     yet always there by Helen Wieger Illustration by Corrie Haffly ****** Two years ago was my 20th high …

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