Pick of the Clicks 5/3/14

Just a handful this week – but oh so good. Enjoy!

Loved this gentle and unexpected love story from David Brooks.

Oh-so-convicting and well-written from Ellen Mandeville: The Way of the Hermit. It includes the alarming true story of a computer being thrown off a deck….

This, from Holley Gerth, was SO beautiful – I’m Celebrating Mother’s Day For the 1st Time.

Yet another post of insight and brilliance from Karen Dabaghian (whose blog you SHOULD follow): God’s Got Your Back? One of the best things I’ve read as I wrestle with the hundreds of Nigerian girls who were abducted.

This one is from a while ago, but I just came across it this week: Why We Shouldn’t Trust Our Stories from Alastair’s Adversaria.

Sheer Genius this week from the Honest Toddler: An Open Letter To the Child I Hit At The Park.

Best facebook status update this week, from Jamie the Very Worst Missionary:


Two astute and brilliant pieces of satire this week:

* What I wish women knew about men – from Micah J Murray, and

* How the rich can make church a safe place for the greedy – from Jayson Bradley. Stellar stuff.

And this:

women with weight

And then your video for the week (possibly the month, the year….):

Finally, on my blog this week – Rest In Pieces (the story of how seeing my youngest child’s crib dismantled kind of got me unhinged too), and When you Feel “Less Than” (a little reflection on the age old problem of feeling inferior when we admire someone else’ skills….)

What about you? What did you read? What did you write? Please share!!





Pick of the Clicks 3/23/14

I have (literally) laughed and cried over these links this week. This is a rather eclectic and diverse selection: there’s something for everybody… so if you don’t find something that floats your boat – I”ll eat my hat. Enjoy!

There were some awesome articles and tributes in honor of Downs Syndrome Awareness day this week. I wanted to give  a standing ovation to the Wet Seal Fashion family for making  Karrie Brown’s dreams of being a fashion model come true. Yes!

I also loved this: Warning to women: this is not advisable to watch unless you are prepared to ruin your mascara.

I thought this little video of watching Europe’s borders change over the last 1000 years was fascinating. The music was a little dramatic for my taste (I imagined a Jaws-like-shark about to come and take a bite out of Poland), but the history tidbit was awesome. Totally worth a few minutes of your time.

Also, I discovered you can get these beauties from firebox.com for $7/piece. Perfect for bathroom tiles above the tub. Nice.


Then, for things more substantial: I loved Lois Tverberg’s article Does God want us to Fear Him? We have been talking about the phrase “the fear of the Lord” in our home group, and this was incredible helpful in understanding what that means. The link to the quote by Abraham Heschel is amazing and worth a click too.

Karen Yates wrote a fabulous piece on the times when we just feel spiritually empty in when I talk of spiritual dryness. Loved this quote from her: “It’s not about getting back to where we once were.  It’s about growing toward where He’s taking us next.”

I agree with the hundreds of thousands of people who linked to Kristen Howerton’s article Let’s bring the holidays down a notch . Oh golly yes and amen. I’ve expressed my disdain about gift bags before, but that’s just a small part of a much bigger problem. Howerton’s article made me want to stand up and cheer (after I’ve stopped laughing!)

I loved this insight on parenting from Jen Wilkin in Our Children, Our Neighbors . If you have ever lamented that parenting is so tough and complex, and that there seems to be relatively little in the Bible about it – READ THIS.

I also appreciated this by Marta Oti Sears on #banbossy:  Would Jesus Use the B- Word?  She writes: I’m grateful to LeanIn.org and the Girl Scouts for challenging us to recognize that leadership is not bound by gender. I’d like to add that it’s not bound by temperament either.” If you’ve been following the discussion on banning bossy, this is an important voice to consider.

As someone who is trying to write, keep up with family and friends and do online errands on the computer, I so appreciated this from Sarah Bessey: In which I don’t mind if the tinies see me in front of the computer. Yes!!

I loved Addie Zierman’s guest post as part of Cara Strickland’s (De)tales series. My house is filled with clutter and color and stuff all around, and Addie’s piece house gave me a lens of fondness with which to view it all. Beautiful, true, honest words.

Suzanne Burden wrote a beautiful piece over at The Well called When I Opposed Women in Ministry. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m still thinking this topic over, and Suzanne’s article gave me more food for thought. She has a book coming out entitled “Reclaiming Eve” – and I’m curious to read it.

Then, on to matters of news and interest and hilarity:

Then, if you are a lover of word games, here’s a website for Lexicomaniacs. Alastair writes that it is “a site for people who take words too seriously.” It is formidable and fun… and even has scrabble pillows and a boggle birthday cake.

Chris Goodfellow’s article on A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet made all the sense in the world to me. What a tragedy.

I am usually reluctant to click on anything that comes from Buzzfeed, much less post it, but this little ditty of 77 Facts that Sound Like Huge Lies But Are Actually Completely True was awesome.  Except for the last one.

Then, a little bit of fabulous, brought to you by the 1980’s. I LOVED this (and given that I am a church lady, who did aerobics and had big hair and wore legwarmers in the 1980’s, you need to know that I am owning my identification with this set and laughing at myself too…) “Now, let’s engage in some cardiovascular fitness until the Lord!”

Also great was this, from the Onion, on Expectant Parents Throwing Some Values Together At The Last Minute. The Onion at its satirical best!

And finally, two most fabulous little clips riding the wave of the Frozen movie fame.

This is Voiceover artist Brian Hull’s version of Let It Go. It is FANTASTIC. Listen out for Mike Wazowski, Jack Sparrow and (my favorite), Winnie the Pooh:

And then this truly fabulous little trailer of Frozen from Honest trailers. Hilarious! (It includes a nod to Adele Dazeem!)

On my blog this week: most read post was When you can’t give it up, give it away (observations on Lent and generosity). I had the honor of writing a guest post for Modern Mrs Darcy on why I’m giving the literature classics a second chance, and I was delighted to host Briana Meade share her beautiful words in the Words that Changed My World series with Running in the Rain.

Lots to feast on this week. Enjoy!

Pick of the Clicks 2/1/2014

I’m back! (Did you miss me?) As lovely as it was to be unplugged and on vacation, it is also great to be back and reading/writing again. Here are some fabulous clicks for you!

Breathtakingly brave: Halee Gray Scott’s How I beat back the darkness after being raped. The rapist was her pastor. This piece is so important to read.

A fabulous read for the story and the insight: A toast story, by John Gravois.

Inspirational: 7 lessons for creatives from the life of JRR Tolkein, by Trevor McMaken.

Timely and wise: Lesa Engelthaler over at Faith Village with The Superbowl and One Sheep.

Putting justice-into-action-in-your-own-home: Dorothy Greco’s suggestions on tackling the problem of wasted food (#Firstworldproblems) . This is one to bookmark/pin.

A Must-Read on marriage (really, you MUST read it): Daniel Jones of the NY Times with Good Enough? That’s Great. After more than 50,000 articles on marriage have crossed his path, this is what he has to say: sneak, quash, or restore.

Wisdom on money: Yes to this by Sam Polk – For the Love on Money.

Food for thought: Why we need to read more women, by Marta Oti sears for Relevant magazine. This made me think: how many male authors do I read as opposed to female authors? And does it matter? I think it matters more than we realize.

And if, by chance, you are one of the gazillion people on the internet who have not yet read this, READ THIS from Glennon Melton AND SHARE IT: Share this with all schools, Please. At first I didn’t click on the links because the title didn’t grab me, but when it appeared for the 30th time on my feed, I gave in…. Don’t let the title deceive you. This is one of those rare gems on the internet.

Top of my blog this week: in fact, the most popular post I’ve written in a while! How to win at parenting….

And finally: one to make you laugh: Two brothers recreate their childhood photos and the result is priceless. (You’re welcome 🙂

Happy clicking!! (and please, leave your recommendations on things you loved reading or writing in the comments below!)